January 2023

Dear collegues and friends,


despite COVID-19, all training courses were successfully delivered in 2022. For 2023 we all hope, that no further restrictions will be necessary, and that we will be able to run all courses as planned.

Therefore, we will open registration for the coming adult VA-Course (March, German language!) this week; registration for the 5th Adult International ECMO Course (September, English language) is intended to open in April.

We will also do two courses for nurses this year. The first one will take place in April (17.-19.04.) which is already booked out and the other one will take place in October (23.-25.10.). Registration for the October course will be opened in July.

Please choose the menu "COURSES" above and proceed with 2023


Please note that we cannot predict which forms of precaution will be needed this year; may be that we´ll again have to do an onsite PCR-test on arrival. Because the need for training is substantial, we still ask that not more than 2 people apply from the same center.



We are looking forward to meeting again,

stay safe


for the organizers


Thomas Müller