Dear collegues and friends,


the ongoing, still uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 in the world did not allow us to offer an International ECMO Training Course this year. As the situation was fairly under control within Germany during the summer, we had been able to organize the first national course on VA-ECMO and the first three-day course on ECMO for nurses. Both courses have been a great success, and we are glad for the newly formed relationships to other hospitals and the ongoing exchange of ideas and experiences. If possible, we will continue these courses every year in the future.


None of us knows, what next year will bring. We all hope that COVID-19 will finally be defeated. A vaccine will eventually become available, and we will, albeit with some newly aquired sparks of wisdom during the pandemic, be allowed to return to the free exchange of knowledge and training with personal interaction.

Therefore, in good hope we have started to plan for an International Adult ECMO Training Course again for next year. For your information, the scheduled date is from September 27 until October 1.

Please understand, that we can not open registration until it becomes clear that COVID-19 will be fully controlled.



We are looking forward to meeting again,

stay well


for the organizers


Thomas Müller