ECMO 2020: Controversies and insights

Regensburg, GERMANY March 7, 2020

Dear collegues and friends,




with great regret we have to inform you that our Symposium “ECMO 2020: Controversies and Insights”, which was planned for March 7, and the subsequent VA-ECMO Course from the 9th until 11th of March have to be cancelled.



The current rapid spread of COVID-19 in Europe forces us to this unfortunate but indispensable decision. We were expecting more than 200 participants from ECMO Centers and Intensive Care Units from all over Europe. The scenario of having just one infected attendee in the audience would result in unforeseeable consequences with the necessity to isolate many of us; if the worst would occur, many dearly needed physicians, nurses and perfusionists from all over Europe would not be able to help at a time of potential severe crisis.



Thus, no other responsible reaction is possible.



We are very sorry for all the inconveniences and problems this cancellation causes to you.



for the organizers


Thomas Müller